Towing 93065 to help you tow

Towing 93065, a tow truck company in the Simi Valley, knows that traffic accidents happen.

According to the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the years of 2009 there was about 3,652 fatal crashes and in the year 2010 about another 3,185 in the state of California alone.

At towing 93065 we ask that you always drive defensively but if you do encounter a car or truck accident in the Simi Valley of zip code area 93065 then give towing 93065 a call.
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towing 93065Our experience on accident recovery towing is well received. Our years of experience allow us to quickly removed any vehicles that are not running and we work with you to get the car to your car mechanic or auto body shop of your choosing.


Like we stated earlier, Towing in 93065 wants you to drive safe and we want you to keep us in mind the next time you encounter a tow truck need for your car or truck.

Please give us a call today!